Before & After

Before & After | The Art of Layering

Would you like a space that reflects your unique style? Or perhaps, you have a rental property that needs a facelift…  With a budget of $1800.00 I transformed a dull living room into a stylish and inviting space. 

The property, a rental home in Florida that the owner uses on occasion, now reflects her style and personality. It speaks to the Florida location and it photographs beautifully. New photos were immediately posted on her site and traffic quickly soared. She was able to increase the rental price, saw a huge bounce in rentals and, not only did she increase her rental income substantially, the overall value of the property increased.

This transformation is a result of The Art of Layering. With a solid furniture foundation, I set to work with my Basic Five principles. Using the Basic Five, coupled with color, texture and scale I created a classic interior with modern twists that reflect the locale and most importantly, the personality of my client.

Let me create a layering plan for you that expresses your personality and style.